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PriceFor Two Participants Starting From: US$ 1,300

To See Wild Bengal Tigers, Indian Rhinos and Barasingha in Bardia & Shuklaphanta N.P.

The Bengal Tigers in Bardia NP have been increasing over the past 10years. Also famous for the world's largest species of deer the Barasingha or Swamp deer who make their home in these two National Parks, we will take you on safari to see the wildlife of Nepal.

  • A Photographer taking a photo from the safari jeep
  • Shuklaphanta NP deer herd
  • A family of tigers taking a bath together
  • Rhino and its calf at the water

日程 Schedule

  Place Itinerary

Travel from Kathmandu to Nepalganj Airport Then to Bardia NP

In the morning, the car will pick you up from a pre-determined location in Kathmandu Valley and head to the airport from there. Take a domestic flight to Nepalganj Airport. A private car will pick you up from the airport and drive you to Bardia NP. On the way, you will pass through small villages and see the way the local people live in West Nepal. (About 2.5 hr drive). You will be given a chance to visit a local Taru village in the evening.

Overnight: Forest Highway Resort or Similar | Meals included: Lunch and Dinner

Bardia NP

Join a morning Jungle Walk to see Bardia NP. You will later be able to go on Elephant Safari and inside the park look for the endangered Bengal Tiger and One-Horned Rhinoceros. In the evening you will have a chance to enjoy a performance of the folk dance of the Taru people.

Overnight: Forest Highway Resort or Similar | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Travel from Bardia NP to Shuklaphanta NP

In the AM, join a fun Village Walk near the National Park and see how the local people start their day. After breakfast, the driver will take you to Shuklaphanta National Park (about 4 hrs drive). At the Lodge, the local Taru people will show you an example of their local folk dance.

Overnight: Suklaphanta WR or Similar | Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Travel from Shuklaphanta NP to Dhangarhi Airport to Kathmandu

Take a morning wildlife safari into the Park for a chance to see rare wildlife. In the afternoon you will take a domestic flight back to Kathmandu (about an hour drive to the airport). At Kathmandu Airport our private car will provide ground transport to any pre-determined destination in Kathmandu Valley.

Meal included: Breakfast

料金 Price


●One person : Please Request
(using a sedan type car, single room) ●Two people : US$1300
(using a sedan type car, twin room)
[Price is inclusive of]
English speaking Nature guide at each NP; Private Vehicles and Drivers (on certain mountainous terrain you might need to change to 4WD vehicles); Entrance fees for sites mentioned on the itinerary; Lodging & service fees including for Jungle Activities; 9 meals (3B, 3L, 3D); Domestic Flight tickets and other taxes.
[Price is exclusive of]
Tips to the guide and driver and personal expenses like drinks; snacks or communication fees; etc

※In the case you are traveling with children or if you have 3 or more in your group, the costs of the tour will change due to the type of car being used or changing to a triple room. Please inform us of your details and we will provide a cost estimate.

※The prices listed are for one person.

[About the Safari Tour]

①.One of the highlights of this tour is the safari to try to see Bengal Tigers and Indian Rhinos in the wild. Due to the nature of wildlife safaris, we cannot guarantee that you will see all the animals.

②.During the Jungle Safari or Elephant Ride, there will be opportunities to see wildlife close up as well as very far away.

③.We will make arrangements for your tour based on the timing of your availability but the ideal season for touring this area is March through April.

④.The tour will include a domestic flight as well as a safari experience, all of which are highly affected by the weather. We highly recommend for you to keep a 2-3 day window after the trip, to avoid planning other travel arrangements or events just to be safe.

⑤.The safari and elephant tours must follow an assigned route and zone when inside the park and cannot deviate from that course. Also you will not be able to get off from the vehicle or the elephant once inside the park.

⑥.During the tour inside the National Park, you will be assigned a naturalist. Seat assignments, the zone and route will be explained by the naturalist at that time.

⑦.The Nepali government manages the National Park and policies are subject to change at any time.

●Bardia, The Best National Park to Explore on the Terai Plain

Bardia National Park is located on the Terai Plain and is the largest national park in Nepal. Found in Western Nepal, it is home to the endangered Indian Rhino, wild elephants and many other wildlife species, of which the Bengal Tiger is the main attraction. At Bardia National Park, the number of Tigers continues to increase over the past 10 years, it is thought that a population of 50-60 tigers are living in or near the park. Being connected to the longest river in Nepal, the Karunari River and its surrounding wetlands, you can look forward to great wildlife watching opportunities to see the Indian Rhino, Bengal Tiger, Spotted Deer, Hog Deer, and the Hanuman Langur monkeys. By traveling here, you can not only enjoy the wildlife viewing opportunities but you can also visit the Taru village and experience their culture through activities like the Taru folk dance, jungle walks, and more.
  • There might be a chance to see the Bengal Tiger

  • A rhino mother and calf in the water

●Shuklaphanta National Park, Teeming With Marsh Deer

The Shuklaphanta National Park is known to have the largest herd of Barasingha (Swamp Deer), in 2017 the count was over 2,000 deer. If you are lucky, you might be able to see a large herd cross the grasslands that boarder India and Nepal. The Park is also home to wildlife such as Asian Elephants, Indian Rhino, and Bengal Tigers. During the months of April and May, there may be a chance to see the critically endangered Bengal Florican or Bengal Bustard.

  • The Barasingha Deer of Shuklaphanta NP

  • Crested Serpent Eagle found in the Park

●Guided Through the Real Nepal By a Local

This area of Bardia and Shuklaphanta National Parks is currently not a popular tourist destination due to transportation logistics, lack of tourist lodges, and lack of awareness to marketing to foreign tourists. You will not find any other companies offering package tours or leading group tours in this area. Saiyu Nepal utilizes its network of local guides and information to bring you this tour as an option to see the real Nepal. Based on your interests we can hire a birding specialist as well to join your tour, so please inquire.