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Tour Participation flow chart

Flow chart from reservation to tour participation


If you find a trip good for you in the website, please contact by email or phone. You can even visit our offices convenient to your location, please inform the date and time in advance.
We support to customize your tour by creating the itinerary based on their budget and date. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your travel needs inside Nepal.
**All the travelers should obtain their travel insurance by themselves.


After you contact us and happy with the tour, you can purchase it and make payment. Once we confirm your participation, we send an invoice of each trip, guide you the payment methods and start making reservations.
**The flight tickets are issued after the payment is confirmed. E-tickets are sent to each traveler through email.


You can pay by making a bank transfer or online by credit card (VISA / MASER only) All payments should be completed in advance. But if the total amount is larger than USD 2000, we suggest you to make a part of payment in advance and complete the rest amount at least 2 weeks prior to the date of departure.
** US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Nepalese Rupees are accepted. If you wish to pay by any other currency, please feel free to contact us.


Once the payment is confirmed, you get the reservation / service voucher, emergency contact number, contact details of guide, and other important information. Please make sure to confirm all the details before your departure.

**Saiyu Nepal is a local subsidiary company of Saiyu Travel, Japan

Cancellation policy

Cancellations received 16 days (or more) before departure date


Cancellations received 15 to 8 days before departure date 20% of the tour fee
Cancellations received 7 to 3 days before departure date 30% of the tour fee
Cancellations received 2 days before departure date 50% of the tour fee
Cancellations received 2 days (after 5pm) before departure date 100% of the tour fee

** Cancellation fee may vary depending upon the cancellation policy of respective hotels and flights, which may fluctuate on high tourist season, festival period etc.
**The cancellation policy regarding the flight tickets is ruled by the "Airline`s cancellation policy".