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PriceStarting from One Person: US$770, or For Two: US$555

2 Days, 1 Night Tour Lumbini,

Birthplace of the Buddha

Travel here using a domestic flight to have plenty of time to tour the Birthplace of the Buddha, one of the 4 sacred places of Buddhism.

  • Maya Devi Temple, World Heritage Site
  • The Sacred Bodhi tree and Puscarini Pond
  • The East Gate, where the Buddha is said to have left the temple

日程 Schedule

  Place Itinerary

Travel from Kathmandu to Baiwara Drive to Lumbini

Our guide will pick you up from a predetermined location in Kathmandu Valley and drive you to the airport where you will take a domestic flight to Bairawa.
At the airport the local guide will pick you up with a private car to Lumbini. After checking in at the hotel, the guide will take you directly to tour Lumbini Garden. There you can visit various sites like Maya Devi Temple, Puskarni Pond, King Ashoka Pillar, Eternal Peace Flame, and various temples sponsored by various countries.
The car will return you to the hotel in the evening.

Overnight: Lumbini | Meals Provided: Lunch & Dinner

Travel From Lumbini to Baiwara Flight Back to Kathmandu

Free time for the morning.
The car will pick you up in time for the flight back to Kathmandu. Our ground transport will transfer you to your desired destination in Kathmandu Valley.
(Optional Tour)
In Lumbini, adding a trip to Kapilavastu Castle Ruins and to visit Tilaurakot with our guide is also possible.

Meal Provided: Breakfast

料金 Price

01/SEP/2019 ~ 31/AUG/2020

●One person : US$770
(Single room) ●Two people : US$555
(Twin room)
[Price is inclusive of]
Ground transport by Private Car (at Kathmandu and Bairawa airports) English speaking guide in Kathmandu and Lumbini; Round trip ticket between Kathmndu and Bairawa; Entrance fees for sites mentioned on the itinerary; Lodging & service fees; 3 meals (1B, 1L, 1D); and other taxes.
[Price is exclusive of]
Tips to the guide and driver and personal expenses like drinks; snacks or communication fees; etc
※There is a camera fee of US$2 charged in Lumbini Garden and for Video Cameras a US$20 additional fee to pay at the entrance.
※During the New Year's season or rainy season, there is an increased chance that domestic flights will be cancelled. If that happens and the tour needs to be cancelled, there might be a 20% cancellation fee that will be charged. (However if the date is changed instead of cancelled then the cancellation fee will not apply.)
※The tour price is based on the current rates for the domestic flights. If there is a change in the prices for these flights by the carriers, then the tour price will change and you will be notified when you register for the tour.
※In the case you are traveling with children or if you have 3 or more in your group, the costs of the tour will change due to the type of car being used or changing to a triple room. Please inform us of your details and we will provide a cost estimate.
※Alternate lodging or vehicle options can be arranged for you, which may change the cost. Please feel free to enquire.
※The prices listed are for one person.

●Lumbini; The Birthplace of the Buddha, A World Heritage Site

Coming from the ancient city of Kapilavastu, 2500 years ago, a Royal family stopped in Lumbini Gardens to rest as they were travelling on the way to Queen Maya's family home. Queen Maya took a rest under the beautiful flowering Ashoka (sal) tree and suddenly felt labor pains when the prince was born. The young prince was named Siddhartha Gautama and spent all his years in the palace with everything he needed. But when he was 29 years old, he saw the sufferings of an elderly person, a very ill person, a dead person and an ascetic who was so skinny, inspiring him to explore more out in the world beyond the palace walls where suffering was not that apparent. For 6 long years, he trained hard as an ascetic by begging for alms in the street, and by the time he reached 35 years of age, he had attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India. He lived on to be 80 years old where is final resting place was Kushinagar. These 4 holy places follow the life of the Buddha and as significant places of pilgrimage: Bodhgaya; where he first preached at Sarnath; his final resting place Kushnagar; and where he was born, in Lumbini.
In Lumbini's Garden you can see Maya Devi's temple, King Ashoka's Pillar and built in 246 BC, to commemorate his visit to the site. Also you will see Puskarni Pond, where the Buddha is said to have bathed soon after he was born. There are various temples built by Germany, France, Thailand, Austria, China, Korea, Sri Lanka and Japan that you can visit in the area. Those who wish to can also visit the Lumbini Museum.

  • Pilgrims visiting King Ashoka's Pillar and Maya Devi's Temple

  • The tree Queen Maya was under when she gave birth

  • Former Royal Palace Ruins, The Bodhi Tree and Puscarini Pond