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PriceStarting From US$90

From Dhulikhel to Panauti trekking

A beautiful hike that offers beautiful mountain views, prehistoric settlements, cultural insights and a peek into an enchanting lifestyle of the Newar people

  • Namo Buddha Temple with the amazing mountains in the background
  • On a clear day, a long range of mountains can be seen throughout the trek
  • Orange fields seen from the trail
  • On a sunny day, watch the riverside laundry getting done near Panauti Village
  • Indreshwar Mahadev Temple in Panauti

日程 Schedule

  Place Itinerary

Travel from Kathmandu to Dhulikhel
then Namo Buddha to Panauti Kathmandu

In the morning, your guide will come to pick you up at your hotel before departure time.(NOTE 1) Travel to Dhulikhel mountain resort by private car and start hiking to Panauti. The first part of the trek (about 3.5 hrs) takes you to Namobuddha Temple (monastery). You can take a break to enjoy the Namobuddha premises and the beautiful scenery. As you start hiking back to Panauti Village, you can look down on the rice fields, mountains, and walk through traditional Newar villages. The architecture of old Nepal is protected to this day and the return hike will take 3.5 hours again. For those that have time to spend at Panauti, you can visit some Hindu temples. Drive back to Kathmandu to be dropped at your lodging.

Meals: Lunch

料金 Price

01/SEP/2019 ~ 31/MAY/2020

●One person : US$160
(Sedan type car)

●Two people : US$90
(Sedan type car)

[Cost Includes:]
Private car / Guide/ Meals offered (LN 1) / Other taxes
[Cost excludes:]
300 NPR entrance fee to the Musuem / Tips to the guide and driver / Personal expenses (drinks, phone calls, etc.)

※If you want to start the tour from Kathmandu airport, an additional cost in required.
※The prices listed are for one person.
※For family groups or for groups of 3 people or more, the costs will differ, so please inform us of your details and we will provide a detailed estimate.

●Hike in a tranquil away from the bustle of Kathmandu

The starting point for the hike Dhulikhel, is located about 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu (about 1 hr drive), and it is a very popular tourist destination of Nepal. Located at 1550m from sea level, an evening view of the mountains from Dhulikhel mountain resort is also highly recommended. The trekking trails are tranquil and pass by the holy sites like Namobuddha and villages, rice fields etc. Below is a short description of the trek trail.

[Dhulikhel - Namo Buddha about 3.5 hours]

At the first part of the trip, you will be climbing up a small incline, where there is a temple of Hindu goddess Kali. Nearby villages, a beautiful valley and Himalayan views beautiful from the Kali Temple. Take a quick rest here and enjoy the Himalyan peaks to the North. Then continue hiking down to Kavre Vanjyang village which offer a glimpse at real Nepal with its traditional houses, and climb to Namobuddha.

  • Enjoy the scenic view from Kali Temple

  • One of the villages on the hike

[Namo Buddha]

Namobuddha Temple (and monastery) is one of the holiest Buddhist monuments in Nepal. Namobuddha temple grounds also offer you beautiful scenery as well . Situated on top of a hill, it is surrounded by rice fields, mountains, and traditional villages nearby. It is said that a previous incarnation of Buddha as a prince, gave his body to feed a hungry tigress and save her cubs lives. Gautama Buddha visited this site later, and revealed the compassionate deeds of the Prince. The current monastery, the stupas were built later, reflecting the reverence that both Hindu and Buddhists have towards this site.

  • Namobuddha Temple (monastery)

  • Exhibits to show the legend of Namo Buddha

[Namo Buddha - Panauti about 3 hours]

The second half of your journey will be a climb down to reach the wide fields of Panauti. As you hike, you will get a great glimpse into the lives of the local people working in the field, children playing and domestic animals wandering around searching for food. The Indreswor temple, the oldest surviving temple of Nepal, with its remarkable Newari Architecture using Nepali bricks, roof tiles and wood pillared traditional buildings are not to be missed.

  • A group of people working in the field

  • The prehistoric town of Panauti

●About Panauti Village:

Panauti Village has its own culture, very different from that in Kathmandu. One of the museums exhibits traditional household goods; religious tools used in the home and agriculture; sacred books of Hinduism; etc. The small village with around 15 thousand local residents used to be one small kingdom when Nepal was divided into small kingdoms, and its Royal Palace Street (Durbar Marg) still remains. This village is highly recommended to explore the old formation of Nepalese villages, their building architecture, Hindu temples and local lifestyle. 

  • Newar building, bringing tradition & art together

  • Inside a Hindu Temple