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PriceStarting From US$290 for a single person or US$185 for two people

Deluxe Plan 2 Days & 1 Night Nagarkot Area Tour

Spend an evening at Club Himalaya to enjoy the best sunrise view from Nagarkot followed by a 4 hours hike to the World Heritage Site, Changu Narayan Temple.

  • A glimpse of Himalaya range captured during the hike to Changu Narayan
  • A view of local village along the hike (Oct Scenery)
  • The mountain trail heading into Changu Narayan Temple
  • World heritage site, Changu Narayan Temple
  • A group of school children during their school trip
  • Statue of Lord Vishnu, this statue is also printed on Nepal's 10 rupee bill

日程 Schedule

  Place Itinerary


Our guide will come to pick you up at your hotel before departure time around 2PM (Note 1). Drive to the hotel in Nagarkot with your guide by private car. Enjoy strolling around Nagarkot while enjoying the local market and scenery. Optional tour for participants is to climbing up the Nagarkot View Tower to enjoy the sunset. Overnight in Nagarkot City.

Overnight: Club Himalaya or similar hotel / Meals: Dinner

(Chang Narayan)

Take in an unparalleled sunrise view from the hotel in the morning. Start hiking to Changu Narayan Temple. The first half of this hike offers amazing views of the spectacular mountain range while the other part passes through the quaint traditional villages. The guide will explain to you the attractions of the Changu Narayan Temple. Drive back to Kathmandu, where the tour ends when you return to your hotel or a pre-designated place in Kathmandu.

※If you find the 4 hour hike to be too long, we can customize the trip with a drive to Telkot(on the way to) followed by a short hike to Changu Narayan Temple.

Meals: Breakfast

料金 Price

01SEP2019 ~ 31MAY2020

●One person : US$290
(Sedan type car, single room) ●Two people : US$185
(Sedan type car, twin room)
[Cost Includes:]
Tour Guide, Driver, & Private car, Hotel accommodations and service charges stated in the itinerary, Meals offered (1 Dinner and 1 Breakfast))
[Cost excludes:]
Tips to the guide / driver, Personal expenses (drinks, food or communication fees, etc.)

Note 1: An extra charge is applicable for starting the tour at the airport
※Above mentioned prices are for one person.
※For 2 or more participants, a Single room Supplement will cost an additional US$55 per person.
※If you travel in a group with more than three, a wagon type vehicle will be used and we can offer an estimate based on your group .
※For family groups, a child's price will differ from an adult, so please contact us with the age of the child(ren) for additional information.
※An additional option to stop for lunch in Bhaktapur Durbar Square or Patan Durbar Square can be arranged at the client's request.
※The best season for visiting Club Himalaya is October to April, so please book early to ensure that your room is reserved!

●Hike through quaint traditional villages while enjoying the impressive mountain views

Located around 32 kilometers from central Kathmandu with an average altitude of 2,175m, Nagarkot is a very popular sightseeing spot for the mountainous scenery both sunrise and sunset. On a beautiful day, you can see a 360 degree view of the Himalayas; from Mt. Everest in the east, to a part of the Annapurna range in the west.

  • View of the mountain range from Nagarkot

  • Small Villages along the way with amazing mountain range in the background

●Hike through the local villages and forests away from Kathmandu

The first part of the trip brings you the view of the beautiful Himalayas while hiking down from around 2100m in Nagarkot. This part of the trek is a leisurely walk downhill which beginners will find easy.
[From Nagarkot to Telkot about 1.5 hours]
The second half of the trek passes through a community road along the farm fields and traditional houses. Appreciate the opportunities to talk to the local people and celebrate their culture, while walking some paved roads and sometimes taking paths that go through the small villages.
  • A typical scene of village life in Nepal

  • On a clear day, you might be able to see Langtang Peak (7,246m)

[From Telkot to Chang Narayan about 2 hours]
The hiking trail starts right away after coming off from the main road, and for the first 20 minutes requires a brief hike up. Continue walking a gentle downward slope enjoying the farm fields in view until you reach Changu Narayan Temple.
  • Farm fields seen along the way

  • The World Heritage Site, Changu Narayan Temple

●The oldest Hindu Temple in Nepal, World Heritage Site Changu Narayan Temple

The Temple was initially built in 323 AD, the Lichchhavi period [The most prosperous period of Nepal]. While the current temple was rebuilt in 1702, it is considered to be the oldest temple in Kathmandu valley. The Newari sculptures crafted in the walls and the roof of this temple is one of oldest artistic relics of Nepal. Lord Vishnu [one of three greatest god of Hinduism] is worshipped and you can see statues of King Vupatindra Malla made around 400 years ago. The temple periphery located at an altitude of 1541m offers stunning views of Patan and Kathmandu.
  • Changu Narayan Temple front view

  • The statue of Garuda, half man and half bird