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PriceStarting From US$110

Ultra-Light Plane Fly with a pilot of Avia Club Nepal Round over Pokhara and the glorious Annapurna

Experience a “bird eye” flying over Pokhara and viewing the Himalayas such as Annapurna.

  • Machhapuchhre (Machhapuchchhre) (6,993m) backdrops an Ultra Light Plane flying ※Source:Avia Club Nepal
  • A bird eye view of the Himalayas ※Source:Avia Club Nepal
  • A bird eye view of the Himalayas ※Source:Avia Club Nepal
  • A bird eye view of the Himalayas ※Source:Avia Club Nepal

料金 Price

A. 15 minute flight Over the Pokhara City – Fly for Fun

●1 person : US$110
Fly for Fun
This flight takes you over the city of Pokhara, Fewa Lake, Sarankot Hill, Over the Peace Stupa and the scenic south side of Pokhara Valley. The flight offers a panaromic view of entire Annapurna Range with views of Dhaulagiri and Himchuli in the distance, weather permitting. Maximum altitude is 5000 feet.

B. 30 minute flight Round over the Pokhara Valley- Machhapuchhreglory

●1 person : US$191
Machapuchre Glory
This is by far the most popular flight which offers half an hour of soaring up over the clouds to view Machapuchre, the stunning 6,993 m. peak with twin summit that looks like a fish tail. This flight offers great photography of Fewa Lake, the forested midhills and the high mountains.

C.60 minute flight An Ultimate Adventure – Mountain Sky Trek

●1 person : US$299
Mountain Sky Trek
For a longer, more leisurely look at the mountains up close, this is the flight for you. This flight takes you so close to the mountains you feel like you can touch the snows. Flying at 4000 m at 90 Km/hr, you get to see and zoom in on four of the world’s nine hightest mountains that are in Nepal:  Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu. This is not just a good trekking substitiude  it is also enjoyable way for trekkers to go up in the air to retrace the steps they look only a fewdays previously on the way to Annapurna Base camp.

D.90 minute flight Life time experience, Into the Heart of the Himalaya Special Flight

●1 person : US$430
Into the Heart of the Himalaya special flight
This flight doesn’t look at the mountains from below, but flies into the narrow valleys up to the southern slopes of Annapurna. Flying at 4000 m at speeds of upto 130 km/hr in the Aeroprakt, you get the most memorable mountain sightseeing flight anywhere in the world.

※The prices mentioned are subject to the airfares as of 16th March 2016. Airfares may be revised.  Please confirm on it when you apply.
※Company to Organize (Operate) (Subject Company):Avia Club Nepal
※Please understand the flight is influenced by weather conditions on the scheduled days. 

Enquiry / Application

Contact us by mail or by telephone.

Could you please inform us the departure day, the number of people and names (same as the names registered on the passports in alphabet), car services needed or not, (if you want a car service, the name of hotel you stay in). After your reservation is completed, you will pay the amount. Then, the air tickets will be issued and a confirmation letter of air ticket reservation will be mailed.  
>> Click here for mail form

※ Transfer to and from the Pokhara airport, and Pokhara airport tax are included to the price shown above.
※ The person whose weight is 100 kg and more are not allowed to board in the ultra-light plane.
※ The person who are 18 year old and younger are required to show (submit) the signature of parents or guarantor.
※ You will be in the airport 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, to listen the explanation made by staff of Avia Club Nepal, and to write down you signature on the agreement for the exemption articles (clauses).
※Please put on the appropriate clothes and gears to prevent from wind and coldness considering the season and the course (altitude). you chose
※The personal goods you are allowed to bring in the plane are minimum such as camera. The large luggage is deposited in the office at the airport.  Also, please take a preventive measure a strap is tied to a camera or a video camera. 
※A flight of ultra-light plane may delay the departure time due to the weather conditions, the restrictions made by the airport or the control tower.  Also, in case a pilot may judge a flight cancellation because of security and safety, the charge of flight fare is refunded after the handling charge US$15 is deducted.   
※On the ultra-light plane, an insurance company may exclude it from the insurance coverage or may ask to pay the additional insurance charge separately.  Please check and confirm the overseas policy you have bought. 

Cancellation Charges

Cancellation 48 hours before departure time: US$15 (handling charge)
Cancellation at 48 hours after departure time to one day before: 33% of regular flight charges + US$15 (handling charge)
Cancellation on the flight day: No refund. 100% of paid amount is a cancellation charge.
※Regular flight charges: 15 minute flight; US$98, 30 minute flight; US$175, 60 minute flight; US$277 and 90 minute flight; US$406
※The cancellation policy would be changed by an airline company without a notice. Please confirm the latest cancellation policy when you apply. 


●Mountain Flight Ultra-Light Plane

The popular activity is Ultra-Light Plane that is operated from the airport of Pokhara. Experience a “bird eye” from the townscape in Pokhara in altitude 800m to the mountains of Annapurna in altitude ranging from 7,000m to 8,000m. This flight is conducted by a small plane for two people; a pilot and a customer. The plane is designed for 2 people enjoying a flight easily and the total plane weight is 600 kg. There are 4 flight courses; 15 minute trial flight, 30 minute flight, 60 minute flight to view the scenery of Annapurna mountain ranges thoroughly, and 90 minute flight to view the gorgeous Himalayas as much as you do. The flight is operated by a plane of either open cabin model or closed cabin model (for high altitude flight). Please appreciate the splendid scenery of Pokhara and Annapurna from the high sky.

  • Left: Plane in the closed cabin model Right: Plane in the open cabin model ※Source: Avia Club Nepal

  • View from a plane in an open cabin model
    ※Source: Avia Club Nepal